Ways your Los Angeles Deportation Lawyer Can Get You a Green Card

27 May

Most people who come to the USA to live think getting a Permanent Residency Green Card is a drawn out and difficult procedure. It need not be when you find a competent Immigration Lawyer to show you how actually simple the process can be. Permanent citizenship in the United States can be attained through both employment or a family based visa. One of the most well known methods is getting married to a US citizen if you are an illegal but your partner is a legal citizen. This applies if you entered the United States with a visa for visiting or on business and now your visa has expired you are now overstaying. Then marrying your partner who is a legal citizen entitles you to apply for a US permanency resident green card in 4 to 6 months. When you enter the USA you must marry your spouse within 90 days of coming here.

Obtaining a US green Card through employment is also possible. The USA has an employment based immigration policy and if your employer will sponsor your application then you can file for a green card that way. There are several different categories under which you may be eligible so discuss this with your immigration lawyer. If you are a bit of a gambler there is always the US State Department green card lottery held annually where the state department chooses from thousands of hopeful applicants up to 55,000 winners, winning a green card or diversity immigrant visa as they are officially titled really is like winning the lottery for many people.

Finally the VAWA (violence against women act) Act allows for battered or abused children, spouses or parents of a US citizen the right to apply for a green card through the protection of this act, this can be legally done without the abusers knowledge, and although it is called the violence against women’s act, men are also eligible to apply. Before this act was introduced an abusive partner could threaten the spouse with deportation if she did not comply to his threats. So there are several ways you can become a US citizen by applying for a green card, a very good Los Angeles deportation lawyer should be able to expedite whatever method you choose to use to get your permanent residency here in the USA. The trick is to get one of the best Immigration Lawyers California 

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