Using Immigration Lawyers In California

16 May

The term deportation means the government has decided you should no longer remain in the United States and you are legally removed from the United States. Prior to 2002 the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) handled these matters but now immigration falls to the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS). Deportation means you are being removed from the United States. If you are here with a green card or a visa or even illegally you can be deported. Once you are deported you will be unable to enter into the United States again for five years and if you do before the time period is up you will be charged with a felony. You also have to receive permission before you can come back after that five year period has ended.

If you or someone you know is facing deportation or being threatened with removal from the States you should turn to an experienced attorney who can help to provide the best defenses. Based on immigration guidelines someone can be deported from the United States for one of five reasons. The first is that they entered without the proper authority. The second is that they disobeyed the terms of their admission into the country. The third is that they were convicted of a crime or were involved in a prohibited organization. The fourth is that they became a public charge after they came to the United States. The fifth is that they applied for asylum and were rejected.

Thankfully there are tactics which Immigration Lawyers in California can employ which can serve as a remedy in many deportation cases. Attorneys are there to help those who are not fluent in English or familiar with immigration law. There is a certain degree of redress within the existing immigration laws and with an attorney by your side these options can be explained to you in simple terms. Many attorneys will give you a free consultation to address your situation and explain what options you have before you commit to their services. However with an attorney by your side it is guaranteed that you will be able to handle the legal matter with less stress because your case will be in the hands of a Los Angeles deportation lawyer who can provide answers to your questions and will do their best to ensure your case goes well. It does not matter where you are you can still get help.

If you are faced with deportation you should seek the professional services of a DACA Immigration Lawyer

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